Future of Farming: Regenerative Agriculture Panel

Roger Hughes
8 months agoJuly 11, 2020
How does this apply to small farms?
Hannah Powter
8 months agoJuly 12, 2020
Hi Roger, there's plenty of initiatives that small farms can be using. We have just put together a checklist of where to start that I'm sure you'll find useful, regardless of the size of your operation: https://www.agriwebb.com/au/get-started-with-regenerative-agriculture/. Hannah @AgriWebb
8 months agoJuly 13, 2020
This was terrific.  Thank you all.  Much appreciated and hope we can be an important part of Regen ag in the future.
Hannah Powter
8 months agoJuly 14, 2020
Thank you Craig - We are so pleased you enjoy this session! Hannah @AgriWebb
Rebekah McCaul
8 months agoJuly 15, 2020
Well done @AgriWebb for making this panel possible, and encouraging discussion Australia wide. Rebekah McCaul, Alexandrina Cheese, South Aust
Kerstie Lee
7 months agoJuly 29, 2020
Great panel discussion and I think it is certainly what people want to hear. I work for the Goulburn Broken CMA and I would like to be put on your mailing list for other webinars that you run.
Hannah Powter
4 months agoNovember 5, 2020
Hi Kerstie, thanks for your feedback and we're glad you enjoyed it! We will be sure to loop you into all future sessions. Hannah, AgriWebb
Pamela Jansson
4 months agoOctober 23, 2020
Many thanks! What a wonderful session. So very pertinent in regard to the issues we are experiencing today. Lorraine, you nailed it in regard to how important good nutrition is in maintaining a healthy body! If the soil is not healthy then everyone suffers, nature, wildlife, us, the planet!  If you would like to include another speaker with your next discussion, you might want to think about Dr Zach Bush. He is involved with Farmer's Footprint and is an expert on the gut biome.
Hannah Powter
4 months agoNovember 5, 2020
Thanks for your suggestion and feedback Pamela! We're glad you enjoyed it. Hannah, AgriWebb
Harry Osborne
4 months agoOctober 30, 2020
Thanks guys, great stuff. As for research a couple of people you may or not know about, Professor Emeritus of agriculture at Purdue Uni, Dr Don Huber, 40+yrs of specialising in soil health & effects on plant pathology.   
He has a large number of published peer-reviewed papers on botany and plant pathology & the effects of imbalance in soil biology created by chemical based industrial farming practices, which are not conventional farming, which is tilling soil.
Another is what Dr Zach Bush is doing with highly stressed American farmers, turning them onto regen practices & how quickly they become profitable, especially if given bridging finance for 2-3yrs https://farmersfootprint.us
nico mezenberg
4 months agoNovember 2, 2020
the only way to go  :  we have to stop  poison  mother earth and our children
Cherie Richey-Lowe
3 months agoNovember 23, 2020
I am not a farmer, but dohave 3 horses on a small parcel of land.  To care for the land and the horses I have been doing my best to condition our soil with humic acid and various other soil conditioners to assist soil micro biome and fungi.  Regenerative farming is so vital to the health of the planet and all species living on it.  That is why I give monthly to carbon 8 so that they can assist farmers to move towards regenerative farming.
Hannah Powter
2 months agoDecember 21, 2020
That's wonderful Cherie, we hope this video was useful for you and all the best with your regenerative practices! - Hannah at AgriWebb
rianna grant
3 months agoNovember 28, 2020
Define 50’s kitchen garden
rianna grant
3 months agoNovember 28, 2020
I only lasted 6 months As a registered nurse in Alice springs emergency department
3 months agoDecember 3, 2020
Sorry guys, probably lots of great information in this session but it was too hard to watch.
Hannah Powter
2 months agoDecember 21, 2020
Hi Helen, sorry you had issues watching. Can you please let me know what the trouble was so we can try to fix it? - Hannah at AgriWebb
Peter & Meg Nielsen
about 2 months agoJanuary 6, 2021
We watched this as the recording & were delighted with the advice & wisdom we heard from all the panel. Thank you so much.
about 1 month agoJanuary 17, 2021
Sound ?
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